His Before

Before his last deployment, my husband was a wonderful man.  A man who left me love notes hidden in my book bag to tell me how proud he was that I was brave enough to return to college. He was a man who sang me made up love songs with we danced in the kitchen.

His laugh could fill the whole house and his coy looks and snarky attitude are what won me over.  We would lay in bed and giggle as I pinched his non-existent fat and called him my Chubby Bunny.  I called him Husband and he called me Wife as nick names, even when people weren't around.  We were both just so thrilled to be sharing our lives together.

Before his last deployment, he signed an extension on his contract so that they would let him go with his unit, so that he wouldn't feel like he abandoned his men.  He told them he would be there for them.  He needed to be sure he was there to keep them safe.

He signed his extension and he deployed. 

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