Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Power Of Laughter

Today we laughed.  Really laughed.  Not a forced laugh, not a hollow, unfeeling laugh, but a laugh.  It was a laugh that filled our eyes with tears and caused us to lose our breath.  It was a laugh that was so contagious that neither of us could stop; each time we tried, it would fill our lungs again.

I can't remember the last time we laughed like that.  It's been so long since our laughter felt honest.  And it was so needed.  Just that one instance lighted the weight of the air in our house.  It caused a little bit of the stagnant anxiety and stress to dissappate.

I didn't know a laugh could do that.  It was like we had been hold a secret amount of air in our lungs and when it was finally released the force of it cleared the air and we could breath again.  We could breath after having not realized that we were unable to.  I think we all take laughing for granted.  It's not often you go so long without it in life in general.

I don't think anyone realizes the power of laughter until it's gone.  We shuffled through our days not sure why the burden never seemed to lift.  It wasn't even until just a few months ago that I even realized that we don't laugh anymore.  And it wasn't until we laughed today that I realized what a lack of laughter can do to your life, the seriousness that takes over is so subtle.  And sudden you no longer laugh.  And suddenly the air feels thick and sticky.  Suddenly every mundane task of your day seems to take twice the effort, as if the exhaustion from folding laundry might cause you to collapse.  And the longer it goes on, the harder it is to find the strength to pull that hidden air from deep within your lungs to let out the sound that will be loud enough to sooth your household.

Today we laughed.  We laughed for the first time that I can remember in over a year.  We laughed until our cheeks ached and our bodies were tired from the physical effort.  We laughed without care, without thought, without any hidden malice.  We just laughed.  And suddenly, the world seems a little bit easier to take in.


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