Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Run Away Together

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away?  Just a day or two, away from it all?

My husband and I have already had our vacation this year.  We have already gone off and galavanted around... But we were in the throws of our roughest patch yet.  It didn't feel as fun as it used to.  We used to have nothing but pictures of us laughing and pointing at things we had seen 100 times, but were seeing with fresh views of the world.

I felt like I spent our whole trip TRYING to have a good time, and he spent the whole thing looking down on me for the same goofy behavior he once delighted in partaking in.  It was a trip of frustration.  It was a time away from home that gave me a much starker look at exactly how far away from normal we were.

What I really want is two days away.  Just two.  Two days to run away to somewhere we used to love. One of our old favorite places.  It doesn't matter which one.  Just a short trip to go back to where we were happy and could laugh.  Where it didn't matter if our plans weren't perfect, or things went wrong because we were there together.

I want us to run away together, like old times.

I want to run away and never look back at what we have become.  Let's just remember who we once were and be happy.  Let's run away, and be who we can be away from the prying eyes of those who want us to be perfect.  Away from those who refuse to accept that we can't always be their ideal.

Let's run away together and remember what our mutual laughter sounded like and laugh again, even if it's not quite the same.  Let's laugh and kiss and be happy again.

Let's just run away. 

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